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blood orange

carrots cooked in blood orange juice

Carrots Cooked In Blood Orange Juice

"Sicily is a land of citrus plenty, giving the Spanish city of Seville a run for its money when it comes to the cultivation of oranges. It is said that blood or...
duck and orange recipe

Duck à l’orange with a negroni sauce

One of the few cookery books which has made me laugh out loud is Kay Plunkett-Hogge’s Adventures of a Terribly Greedy Girl. Plunkett-Hogge (honestly, what a nam...
how to make a sidecar

How to make the best sidecar cocktail

I bought a bottle of Solerno, a liqueur made of blood oranges, to experiment with, and it wasn’t long before I came upon the Sidecar family of cocktails: that i...
kitchen table london

Dinner at the Kitchen Table

The Saucy Dressings' chief correspondent was recently lucky enough to get taken to Kitchen Table, more of an eating venue, than a restaurant in the traditional ...