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cavolo nero

cavolo nero and cream recipe

Ham Orientated Cavolo Nero

"This improved form of cabbage is welcomed by many who have hitherto looked with hostility on its homely virtue" -Agnes Jekyll, Kitchen Essays   This ...
burlesque cavolo nero

What Is Cavolo Nero And What To Do With It

Kale v cavolo nero In Italian cavolo nero means ‘black cabbage’. It’s a member of the brassica family of vegetables, along with cabbage, Brussels sprouts, caul...
cavolo nero pasta recipe

Pasta With Cavolo Nero And Chorizo

If you are a vegetarian you can just leave out the chorizo in this recipe.   Recipe for Pasta With Cavolo Nero and Chorizo Serves 2 Ingredients ...
how to cook spring greens

Brazilian-style garlicky shredded greens

The difference between collard greens and spring greens I’ve just come back from Brazil where I discovered they grow collard greens like weeds. Collard greens ...
Food for a week in January

Recipes and Menus for January

Saucy Dressings aims to complete this post – four weeks’ menus and recipes, plus a few spare by the end of 2019. Every year an additional week’s menu, with t...