An exhibition opens in London today displaying works conceived by the American photographer,Carrie Mae Weems. Her idea was to depict the battles of family life which so often seem to centre around the kitchen table. These battles occur between men and women, children and parents, and friends… many of these photographs depict the tension within families with sensitivity and wisdom, universal observations which might be made in any country, and in kitchens of rich and poor alike. There is the I’m-not-talking-to-you-I’m-concertedly-looking-at-the-newspaper scene, the you’re-going-to-do-your-homework-if-I-have-to-sit-here-and-do-my-own-study scene, the friends-laughing-out-loud-so-much-it-does-us-good scene and many other instantly recognisable episodes of a woman’s life.

Wonderful! We should cherish the kitchen table – in a world where, according to a recent (2018) report, more people (54%) gather around the television than gather for an evening meal (48%).

For more about Carrie Mae Weems, go to the Artsy website.