These crostini are more a broad concept than a precise recipe. You can ring the changes each time you make them – instead of the italian gorgonzola try some milder Irish blue cheeses, experiment with different kinds of honey, or even substitute the olive oil for walnut or truffle oil. 


  • 1 small baguette or a loaf of ciabatta
  • 4 tbsp (about) olive oil
  • 8 oz/250g gorgonzola
  • 3 tbsp honey – manuka, or chestnut, truffle, or even better Sardinian bitter honey (miele di corbezzolo) made from the blossoms of the strawberry tree, uk suppliers. If the honey is a bit solid warm it until it becomes softer (but not completely liquid)
  1. cut the bread about half an inch (1 cm) thick
  2. pour on the olive oil – if you are pouring from a large bottle use an olive oil spout
  3. distribute the honey over the crostini