Completely knockout and always popular. This would serve quite a lot of people! Because the elderflower cordial keeps you aren’t restricted to just June for this drink!

If you want the cocktail to taste even more of gardens and summer, infuse the gin with cucumber for up to 24 hours prior to serving.


Recipe for an elderflower Martini


• 3 tbsps caster sugar
• 150ml/¼ pint/five eighths of a cup/10 tbsp lime juice/juice of five limes
• 350 ml/1½ cups gin
• 5 tbsp elderflower cordial

  • sprig of mint…or a blossom of borage

Mix! Serve! Instant successful party…. not for drivers…


For a cocktail with even more of a kick, substitute St Germain elderflower liqueur for the elderflower cordial.


For a post on how to make the classic Martininot how James Bond does it – follow this link.


This post is dedicated to Alice Ievins.