Furikake is a Japanese seasoning, useful for all kinds of things, but in particular sprinkling over salads, noodles, potatoes, and sticky rice.

You can fry a diced cucumber in sesame oil, and sprinkle with furikake and drizzle with a little tamari sauce.

You can sprinkle it over fried salmon and either serve with noodles and edamame or make a sauce of wasabi, spring onions and crème fraîche. Its seaweed ingredient results in furikake being a particularly good seasoning for any fish and seafood. It’s rather good on popcorn.

Furikake (pronounced, according to the bottle, ‘furry car key’) essentially a umami taste, a little seaweedy (since it contains seaweed), slightly briny. It’s made out of dry-fried sesame seeds, both black and white; the same dried seaweed that’s used to make sushi – nori; dried red shiso leaves – Yukari; the blogger Foodie with Family adds bonito flakes (dried, thin-shaved flakes of tuna) and a little sugar.

You can buy it, easily, from the Mighty Amazon. Otherwise you can make it by mixing two tablespoons each of black and white sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds, and sumac and a few sheets of nori cut up as small as you have patience for, and dry-frying the lot.



furikake recipe

I always like to make sure I have enough in stock.