“Spinach never seemed to do much for Popeye’s intelligence – but….people who eat substantial quantities of leafy green vegetables are less likely to experience cognitive decline in old age.”

The Week, 20 December 2018


Popeye was eating spinach for the iron, in order to become stronger and be able to stand up to the bully, Brutus. He was usually brainy enough to keep him in check…. but now neither of us are spring chickens, and maybe we should redouble our efforts.

Thankfully, I don’t think any vegetable cooks faster than spinach, and with this method you don’t even get a pan dirty, so increased intake should be a doddle.


Fastest spinach-cooking method in the West

All you have to do is:

  1. boil a big kettle
  2. empty your bag of ready washed spinach into a big colander and put it in the kitchen sink
  3. pour the water all over the spinach
  4. stir around in the colander to drain
  5. add a walnut of butter and a teaspoon of Marmite, and few grinds of pepper… and even nutmeg if you want… stir in


Bob is your uncle.


fastest way to cook spinach

pour the water over the spinach, covering every surface, every leaf you can see


fastest way to cook spinach

simply add butter, Marmite and freshly ground pepper