fennel, parsley and feta salad recipe

Flat-leaf parsley, fennel and feta salad

Well, here I am in Italy, in the summer, and, of course the flat-leaf parsley is glorious. So it seems right that it’s the parsley which is really the hero of t...
salad of avocados prawns beans and mint

Salad of prawn, bean, avocado and mint

This is a very useful ‘one-pot’ salad. The prawns provide the protein, the beans the carbohydrate, and the avocado provides a significant contribution to your f...
lollo rosso salad with shallots and bacon recipe

Red lettuce salty salad with shallots

This is a fabulously juicy sweet (the bacon, the caramelised shallots and the pomegranate molasses) and bitter (the red leaves) salad.Somehow also the thyme...