This week one of my close neighbours is competing in The Horse of the Year Show.

So to spur (oh dear!) him on I’m putting up a post on Bowmore Black Rock whisky. You may think the connection seems a bit tenuous but, read on, all will become clear.

The Saucy Dressings whisky consultant has recently been to a tasting in London and reported that one particular whisky – Bowmore’s Black Rock – reminded her strongly of the stables. At the risk of sounding like a Jilly Cooper pastiche, aiming to out-ride her steamy Riders, I have to report that this whisky tasted like:

“warm leather saddles, wet hay and straw, slightly salty (horses back from a gallop?), smoky autumn bonfires in the grazing” – all very evocative so no wonder this whisky was deemed the favourite.

At any rate, searching through the internet, looking at other reviews, I see the standard comments re ‘raisins’, ‘figs’, ‘peat’, ‘smoke’, etc…. but it seems this is a first for the Ardmore Black Rock reminding anyone of a stables. This reviewer was pretty negative, but most were positive, albeit

Black Rock is an Islay malt produced by oldest island distillers, Bowmore. It’s mostly matured in first-fill, Spanish oak, oloroso-soaked barrels (some Kentucky-sourced bourbon-soaked oak is also used). The makers don’t publish the number of years spent maturing so it’s most likely under 12 years old, and, being a youngster, maybe lacking a little sophistication and depth..

The whisky is poetically named after the Black Rock of Islay which rises majestically out of Loch Indaal.

It seems to sell at just over £50 a (litre) bottle and it has an ABV of 40%.

For more on whisky follow this link.


This post wishes good luck to Julian!