Salty fingers…. or to be more precise Salty Fingers®, is the brand name registered by the Dutch company Koppert Cress for a bizarre-looking edible leaf. It’s a tropical plant which looks a bit like a succulent, but, not surprisingly Koppert Cress doesn’t specify its genus – and after concerted investigation I can’t find the information anywhere else either.

These leaves have a not unpleasant slightly bitter, slightly salty taste. They look a bit like little tubes of green, liquid-filled gelatin, but in fact they are slightly crunchy.

They go well with seafood, fish, and, weirdly, mushrooms. And, if you are Frédéric Lafon, talented chef of l’Oiseau Bleu in Bordeaux, you would be doing some pretty fancy things with them – making tiny formed half-globes of mozzarella, covering them with tomato sauce, and adding a thin cheese wafer, a spear or two of wild asparagus…and some Salty Fingers.

They keep in the fridge for a week or so.


In the UK you can buy Salty Fingers here.  The Salty Fingers pictured above were served up at London’s appropriately wacky Hospital Club.